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Our take: Minimalism. In some, the word conjures a visceral negative reaction, others take for the hills upon hearing it. We do not believe a strictly minimalist lifestyle is for everyone, however the lessons and concepts can, and should, be considered and utilized to some extent by everyone. Minimalism is about being thoughtful about why it is we are so tempted to compulsively purchase and fill our homes with stuff. TLDR, by compulsively purchasing stuff we are effectively scratching an evolutionary itch that is only to return shortly after these purchases. This relates to personal finance decisions in the sense that by making “sacrifices”, as it relates to spending money purchasing stuff, we actually aren’t giving up as much as we think we are.

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Shaq on savings

Our take: Not everyone is able to save 50% of their income, let alone 75%, but the point we take from this message is to be intentional about paying yourself first. The power of defaults is a powerful one. Don’t make yourself make the choice to save every time you get a paycheck. Set your automated savings once, and forget it! Not everyone can afford cars, boats, and planes on TWENTY FIVE percent of their after tax income. That is why it is important to be thoughtful about what you truly value. Splurge when it’s worth it, but pay yourself first.